Better. Together.

  • Will Engler
  • Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Strong Foundation

When I started taking computer science classes at Pitt, I was struck by how helpful my classmates were. Most everyone seemed willing to walk a struggling classmate through a tricky concept or help kill a persistent bug. I’d heard horror stories about cutthroat competitiveness at other departments and schools, but not here. Pitt CS and CoE students are in it together.

So when our president Alex started laying the ground work for the Computer Science Club, I was surprised that something like it didn’t exist already. Did nobody else bother to try? Did past clubs fail because coders don’t like to be organized? Whatever the case, I wanted this club to exist, so I jumped at the chance to be VP.

Growing a Community

My vision for the CSC is to build on the strong collaborative spirit that already exists among Pitt CS and CoE students. I want to create a space where we can get together and learn more than we could as individuals.

Our more experienced students have amassed impressive experience from work and side projects. I want this club to be a forum for them to share what they’ve learned. I look forward to watching the veterans step up and lead club projects, helping others get up to speed on technologies that they know in and out.

I also hope that the CSC will be indispensable for new students. The club will be a great way for less experienced students to get up to speed on techniques that you don’t learn in the classroom. I didn’t know that version control was a thing until less than a year ago. If I have my way, our junior members won’t stumble around in ignorance like I did. (Not to suggest that I don’t still stumble around in ignorance all the time. Such is the life of a young developer.)

Let’s Get Started

I’m excited not just for this club, but for all of the activity brewing in the Pitt CS community. Students4Startups is getting off the ground, Women in Computer Science will be stronger than ever, and Pitt’s chapter of the computing honorary society Upsilon Pi Epsilon has been reactivated. Let’s make people jealous that they’re not a CS or CoE major at Pitt.