Oh, You’re Only Going to One Hackathon This February?

  • Will Engler
  • Monday, January 26, 2015

January 30: She Innovates. February 6: TartanHacks. February 21: Steel City Codefest. February 28: Mylan Hackathon. Then in March comes SteelHacks. Do you have hackathon fatigue yet?

I’ve never been to a hackathon in my life, but now that I’m involved in the Pitt(sburgh) tech community, I learn about a new one every day. It’s a pattern that pops up all over. I wasn’t aware of any programming clubs at Pitt. Oh wait, now there’s the CSC, WICS, S4S, RAS, and UPE. (Can WICS get a three-letter acronym? Think about it, Neha.) Then I learned about meetups. Just in Pittsburgh, we’ve got Code & Supply, Pgh Tech Meetup, Girl Develop It, Pghrb, Steel City Infosec and a bunch more than I can conceive of.

On the face of it, the abundance of cool tech stuff to do in Pittsburgh is intimidating. Being a programmer is humbling because everything you learn reveals one hundred things you’re ignorant of. That there are more meetups and hackathons in Pittsburgh than I could possibly attend reminds me that I’ll never know it all. Fortunately, that’s also one of the most exciting things about being a programmer. How cool is it that if the Ruby community isn’t your scene, hey, maybe the Python people are? If web dev isn’t your bag of chips, maybe systems programming is.

So go forth and find your niche! Build a robot with RAS, check out a talk at Code & Supply, and hack for a cause at Steel City Codefest. As for me? If you’re going to TartanHacks, I’ll see you there.