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The Computer Science Club at Pitt, shortened as CSC at Pitt, is the largest and premier technology-related student organization at the University of Pittsburgh.

Open to all majors, we host a variety of events that help us build a welcoming and inclusive community of motivated students interested in fields such as computer science, information science, digital design, and much more.

Initiatives - Fall 2023 (Coming Soon)
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The Officers

Portrait of Nij Patel
Nij Patel
Portrait of Nathan Barta
Nathan Barta
Vice President
Portrait of Tianyi Zheng
Tianyi Zheng
Business Manager
Portrait of Minakshi Thapa
Minakshi Thapa
Director of Initiatives
Portrait of Nij Patel
Nij Patel
Events Coordinator
Portrait of Brayden Nguyen
Brayden Nguyen
Special Events Organizer
Portrait of Kathryn Bager
Kathryn Bager
Public Relations and Communications Manager

The Initiative Leads

Portrait of Shreyash Ranjan
Shreyash Ranjan
Coffee Chats Initiative Lead
Portrait of Alex Lampe
Alex Lampe
CSC Wiki Initiative Lead